First Look: All the Bags from Hermès Men’s autumn 2022

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I’m not a significant fan of Twitter: I am typically there for the schadenfreude of outrage, synthetic outrage, as well as the occasional poor joke. however as I was on there last week, I discovered that the Hermès Twitter page provided the choice of clicking on a publish to get a notification when the men’s Ready-to-Wear show was about to start, so I provided it a click. This morning, during my second cup of morning coffee as well as armchair malice, I got the notification, and…well, to be honest, I didn’t have numerous expectations of what I presumed would be a somewhat tiring however enjoyable show. That concept rapidly flew out the window.

Ten seconds in I was drooling.

Five minutes in, I ignored the dogs barking at the door. Or at the phone. Or at me.

This quick short article is my very first perception only, as well as my awfully bad screenshots which I have edited to make some details visible.

To be brief: I liked all of the men’s looks. Jackets, coats, sweaters, details, everything. One jacket, in particular, was so good, I already texted my SA: “I don’t want to understand what THIS jacket is going to cost.” The styles were attractive, eye-catching, as well as many of all, wearable. I might see my Ralph Lauren/Brook siblings other half using numerous of the slim leather jackets as well as comprehensive (but not as well detailed) sweaters. There was somewhat of a 70s vibe going on right here however in a great way. I believe the very best method to put it is that the styles seemed to improve the guy using them, practically as an expression of their personal energy.

THIS Jacket. Kjærlighet.

The Bags of Hermès Men’s autumn 2022

Of course, this is implied to be an short article highlighting the bags of the show. The very first bag down the runway – I do believe I yelled when I saw this – was a phenomenal new version of the Haut À Courroies. It’s huge, it’s been modified, as well as it’s just soooo cool. I am personally not a fan of this season’s patchwork-style bags, with different-colored straps as well as zipped half-sections on the front, however this seems to be a much more elegant, much more muscle mass version of this as well as the Birkin Cargo: a solid HAC with chunky, useful, as well as aesthetically pleasing details, including a Chaîne d’Ancre, snap Pocket (I’ll presume a Clou de Selle closure) as well as Zipper:

A picture of the new HAC dubbed “The Rock”. picture as well as nickname through Michael Carl / @carlscrush on Instagram.

The new Iteration Of The HAC For A/W 2022

And of program one of my personal favorites, the Kelly Dépêches pouch 25 made a short appearance:

Kelly Dépêches pouch 25

I discovered two bags used crossbody on the men. One seemed to be a ordinary pouch:

A Slim pouch used Crossbody At The Hermès Men’s A/W22 Show

I was able to discover out that this pouch is really a new phone case:

A detail picture of the new Hermès phone case. picture through Michael Carl / @carlscrush on Instagram.

The other bag, which appeared a number of times in a few different colors, appears to be a crossbody version of the Goodlock:

A new Crossbody version Of The Goodlock

A new Crossbody version Of The Goodlock

Lastly, Hermès likewise sent out a super-large as well as extravagant version of the Plume bag.

A big Plume Bag

To be honest, I’m looking ahead to the new HAC as well as I can’t wait to see the inside of the Goodlock. With a bit of luck, we will ideally see some fun colors for the Kelly Dépêches Pouch, too!

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